Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Top 6 Reasons I Need a Farm | Twin Cities Senior Photographer

Reason #6 - Where else can you take pictures of someone coming out of a corn field?
Reason #5 - Because I want an entire grove of trees instead of the 2 trees that I currently call my own

Reason #4 Because I want a field like this to contrast nicely with my ugly red chair
Reason #3 Because farms often have cool old corn cribs with the paint chipping off
Reason #2 Because I want a tire swing (not just a photography prop, my kids would enjoy this one too)

and the #1 reason I need a farm is because all these things add together to make for a great photo shot. I could write off a farm couldn't I? Totally a business expense....

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  1. Gorgeous! Yes, i want a farm too, maybe we should buy one together. Do you think Dave and Andy would go for it?


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