Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a test

just testing there any difference between these???
The weird thing is they look the same on my laptop but totally different on my desktop. If you could post and let me know if they look different on your monitor I'd appreciate it.


  1. Uhm, yes! The color is very different. Did I pass the test?

  2. yes you pass.....who knew...I guess I've been saving the .jpg files wrong all along. AT what point will I have learned everything???

  3. Um... how have you been saving them? And which is the right file? I am hoping to learn something!

  4. Ok, you are scaring me because I'm looking at this on a calibrated monitor and I don't see any difference (although they both have a very slight green cast to my eye). What's the issue?

  5. Hi Tera,

    It is very weird....on my desktop computer the top pic is definiately more washed out and has a green tone to it, while the bottom one is more vibrant and has a more pinkish coloring (to the skin tone). It is the difference between adobe RGB embedded color profile and sRGB, when it is saved in photoshop. I was looking at some metadata and it said "Warning, your image is saved as adobe RGB and will look different on screen". I have no idea what that means exactly.

    So good to see the pics of you and Alex. Hope he is doing well!


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