Saturday, October 31, 2009

Randomness | Twin Cities Photographer of Cute Things

There area few images sitting on my computer that I wanted to share....First the new Gopher stadium. Ahhhh....isn't it lovely?
Next my boys....they actually do exist even though I rarely post them...The reason for the big smiles is that Jake is stepping in dog poop here and of course anything that can be related to a bathroom is hilarious.
and finally a cute picture of my neice. I actually have pictures of all the kids eating brightly colored popcicles that are adorable, but whenever will I get to them?

Up next - ADORABLE pictures of the ADORABLE daughter of our friends Sara and Joe who is wearing the most ADORABLE dress. (there, if anyone googles "ADORABLE" I should get a hit!)

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  1. You let me know how wonderful your new stadium is when it is snowing and windchills are -30. ;) Some of us have been watching football like that for years. :)


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