Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've always said I am going to be injured during a shoot. I can see it now....backing up slowly to get further away form the subject while my eye is glued to the camera and I fall right off a cliff. Okay, a curb maybe but still, it is bound to happen. There are dangers involved in this industry. The danger I never thought of was a killer dog. Check it out...
Okay, he may have been yawning here, even still, a scary picture. Easy Ace, everyone knows I'm not a dog person. So this is an old co-worker....I mean a former co-worker. Kristyn, do you like how I'm keeping you up to date with pictures of all your MN friends? This shoot was a blast! What a fun family.....

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  1. OMG, I couldn't tell from the first picture who it was--the girls are so old now! :) I have a picture of Sydnee holding Emma as a baby when she was just out of kindergarten. The family looks great, tell Michelle and all "hi" from us! And I am SO with you on the dog thing. ;)


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